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In 2007, David Meyer, Opencell’s current CEO, was managing a business specialized in providing enablement services for mobile operators. Confronted with the complexity and high costs of available billing solutions, he commissioned Sébastien Michéa, a Mathematics PhD who had started a software development company based in Dijon, to develop several ad hoc billing modules. Over the course of the next eight years, Sébastien stitched this initial work, and additional developments requested by David and other clients, into an integrated, configurable open source software program that could be used to model and bill almost any complex telco-type offer.

In late 2014, David, Sébastien and Ethan Beardsley, who’d worked with David in business consulting, decided to create a software company focused exclusively on the open source billing project. They saw that subscription and usage-based business models were « eating the world » and that available billing options were still unattractive. And they were convinced that businesses were increasingly interested in open source business software solutions provided they could get competent enterprise support and maintenance.

After closing a first deal with Orange’s cloud business in a matter of weeks, the team knew they had product/market fit. And, when Xavier Niel, the French telecom maverick, committed to invest in the not-yet created company, they pulled the trigger, leaving their day jobs, to create Opencell in March 2015.

70% sales growth in 2017
40 references
3 m€ in funding
650k€ in annual R&D
33 employees
Kima Venture
Cap Innov Est
Bourgogne Angels
BPI France
Région Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Cap Digital
Syntec Numérique


David Meyer - CEO & Co-Founder

David has over 18 years in experience in IT and business development and channel development with telco, ITO and BPO companies, primarily starting and managing new business units with a strong technology focus. Prior to starting Opencell, he worked for telco operators such as Neuf Télécom (now part of SFR), Bouygues Telecom, Experian and Docapost (the BPO subsidiary of La Poste) where he was instrumental in commissionning the initial development work that led to the creation of Opencell. David is a graduate of ESEIA engineering school in Paris.

Sébastien Michéa - CTO & Co-Founder

Sébastien has over 20 years of experience in software development and is an acknowledged expert on Java and open source software. After doing post-doctorate work in physics, he worked as billing software developer for Cap Gemini prior to setting up the software development company that initiated the open source billing project led to Opencell. He holds a PhD in Mathematical Physics for the Université de Dijon and a post-doctorate degree in Statistical Physics from Yonsei University.

Ethan Beardsley– COO & Co-Founder

Ethan has over 25 years of experience in finance, business development and marketing in large companies and startups in the IT and media sector. Prior to starting several digital media startups, he spent ten years at Disney in senior finance and business development roles, most recently as VP Business Development for Southern Europe. An American national, he holds a BA in English Literature from Wesleyan University and is a graduate in Finance & Economics from Sciences Po in Paris.



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