Published on: 15 Sep 2016
by: Ethan

Opencell to monetize Actility IoT marketplace

Opencell has been selected as the monetization platform for the ThingPark marketplace launched by Actility, a major player in the IoT network and marketplace space.


According to Actility CTO and co-founder Olivier Hersent: “…Opencell provided the flexibility we needed to adapt the product billing features to the complex and evolving needs of a marketplace for Devices, Applications and Connectivity, and the related settlement requirements. We intend to integrate it completely in our IaaS cloud to manage the complex financial flows matrix of ThingPark marketplace, and also make it available to our network operator partners for their own IoT billing & settlement needs.”

Actility raised over 22 m€ from major investors in 2015 for expansion of its LoRaWAN enabled IoT network. It recently announced rollout plans for its network in Japan in partnership with Softbank as well as deals in Finland with Digita and KPN in the Netherlands.

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