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Orange Business Services

For the launch of the new Orange Cloud For Business platform, we were primarily interested in finding an open source solution that could be configured to model standard as well as completely customized subscription models. The product needed to be able to be administered by business analysts.
Opencell fulfilled our requirements. Missing functionalities identified during the proof of concept workshop were quickly developed and integrated into the core open source model. The support team was very proactive and quickly helped us to resolve all technical issues encountered during the implementation phase.

Jean-Luc Raingeval
Project Manager
Orange Cloud for Business

The business
The cloud division of Orange is dedicated to providing infrastructure as a service including cloud computing, hosting and storage for internal group entities as well as external clients.

The challenge
The internal startup had less than 3 months to implement the service. They needed an agile system, cost-effective system capable of managing complex usages, services and one-off charges. Hosting needed to be provided in Orange’s data centers.

What we provide
  • Modelization of existing offers in collaboration with business analyst
  • Implementation of integrated mediation
  • Implementation of billing and invoicing
  • Integration with downstream ERP

  • Time-to-market of less than three months
  • Ability to proactively respond to complex offers required by marketing/sales team
  • High level of autonomy for new projects and offers
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