Sigfox World IoT Expo

September 26 2017 | Prague
Come and meet the Opencell team during the Sigfox World IoT Expo conference on September 26 in Prague.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way you do business. As companies shift from selling devices to building long-term service relationships with millions of consumers and businesses, IoT businesses need to learn how to master business models of staggering complexity including usage, storage, contextual sharing, and aggregated data from connected machines. They need to learn how to operate marketplaces and manage commissioning at multiple levels. They need to figure out the right pricing model and learn what bundles of products and services work best.

At Opencell, we've been focused on serving the IoT market from the very beginning. Our agile monetization system has what it takes for you to be able to out-innovate your competition.

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