Grow your recurring revenue business.

Our end-to-end platform provides the capabilities you need to run and optimize your recurring customer relationships.

Solutions. Not problems.

You think your subcription or usage-based business model is too complex to model? We should talk.

99% of the time we can configure your system using standard configurations and the data model extensions that reduce or eliminate the need for custom code.

Our multi-level customer hierarchy gives you the flexibility to model complex hierarchies. We can do B2C, B2B or B2B2C. We provide flexible options to create account types and complex parent-child account structures so you can tailor settings like language, currency, credit limits, payment type, notifications, and invoice design at multiple levels.

We know how to handle recurring,usage and one-off charges as well as third-party commissioning and discount plans.

We can charge prepaid or post paid or do a bit of both.

A modular end-to-end monetization platform.

Monetize any business using our powerful convergent billing engine.

At the core of Opencell is a powerful billing engine that provides rating, charging, commission management and invoice cycle management.

Rating functionality covers one-off events, such as activation and termination charges, subscription events and usage charges.

Charging can be done to postpaid and prepaid wallets. Customer wallets can be defined for separate prepaid and postpaid services.

Complex multi-level third-party commissioning is supported.

Invoicing cycles can be automatic based on predefined criteria or manual. Pre-invoicing report, providing an aggregate view of bill run results, can be run multiple times to detect possible errors or inconsistencies. Accounts can be excluded for manual billing processes. Credit notes can be issued at the invoice header or line item level.

Process millions of events using our integrated carrier-grade mediation

With Opencell, no need to worry about integrating a third-party mediation to get your billing system up and running since our mediation is included right out of the box.

You can use it to convert event datatypes (generally called CDRs or carrier data records) to other datatypes used for rating and billing purposes. It enables de-duplication, transformation and formating. CDR events mediated by Opencell are stored as EDRs or electronic data records. It’s a perfect choice for telco, IoT or cloud businesses that need to crunch a large number of events.

Our mediation is compatible with the Diameter protocol, the main connectivity protocol used in telco operator networks. It has the power to process hundreds of record entries per second and has undergone strenuous testing.

Our mediation is compatible with Diameter, the main connectivity protocol used in telco operator networks. It has the power to process hundreds of record entries per second and has undergone strenuous testing.

Bundle and package your services through a simplified interface

Because Opencell is built for complex billing, we provide flexible features for structuring thousands of products—from simple to complex—so you’ll be able to successfully manage every single product, bundle, package and plan in your catalog.

Using a simplified business offer model, our catalog manager lets users create a new offer with its services, charges, counters, price plans, custom fields, mediation scripts, webhooks etc. in just a few clicks.

In the event that more complex offers need to be created, advanced functionalities can be used to build an offer from scratch. Our rich configuration possibilities mean that we can practically guarantee that we’ll be able to model whatever offer your product or marketing teams dreams up.

Connect seamlessly to your upstream ordering systems and manager your provisioning workflow.

Opencell interconnects easily through its order manager with our customer care and self service portals as well as with third-party CRM and eCommerce solutions. It can also be connected using our rich REST and SOAP APIs.

Orders automatically set up service contracts used for billing purposes and can also be used to manage service provisionning.

Analyze your performance in real time using industry standards

Opencell integrates a data warehouse that pre calculates data and standard metrics used to manage a subscription business including monthly recurring revenue (MRR), annual recurring revenue (ARR), churn and total contract value.

Our open data model also gives you connect our data warehouse with practically any third party data analytics or business intelligence package such as Qlikview or PowerBI.

Get the tools you need to close your books quickly and accurately.

Revenue recognition in subscription businesses is tricky. You bill in advance and need to recognize revenue over time. You bill in arrears and need to make sure you accrue for the revenue that you will bill at a later date.

Opencell provides you with the forward-looking tools you need to manage your subscription business including possiblity to apply customized revenue recognition rules to invoice line items.

We also give you the ability to manage your chart of accounts and financial periods directly in Opencell so you can keep your transactions in synch with your downstream ledgers.

Mapping to downstream accounting systems is easily performed on a summary or detailed basis using flat file exports or our rich APIs.

Collect cash quickly using our automated cash application and dunning processes.

Our AR manager manages cash applications, payment methods, open balances and automatic dunning actions.

Payments can be matched manually via GUI to corresponding payments operations or automatically by payment job. SEPA payments are native to Opencell and connectors to main payment gateways are available.

In the event of late payment, automatic dunning actions such as sending email or adding a fee can be configured. Specific escalation procedures can be defined according to specific client profiles.

Configurable aging reports are also provided.

Easily integrate your favorite payment methods.

Opencell supports a wide variety of payment methods including SEPA bank transfers and credit card transactions through the most popular payment service providers

Our solution handles multiple payment processors. It manages credit card and ACH (direct debit) for one-time and recurring payments.

Customers can pre-pay for products and services pay upon receipt, or use a combination of both. In situations where a payment fails, Opencell gives you complete control over when and how often to retry.

Compose invoices that convey your brand message.

Our invoice composer module enables production of PDF files based on XML files produced by the billing engine. Business specific templates can be defined per payment method.

Standard templates can also be customized to include client-specific marketing messages.

The PDF is stored in database and can be exported, displayed in GUI or accessed via API in order to be exposed in third-party CRMs or in dedicated self-service portals.

Give marketing teams the ability to quickly configure and provision new offers and bundles.

In the fast-moving world of digital services, you need to be able to test and modify your offers constantly. You can’t afford to wait for weeks or months for IT to implement the special bundle or promotion you need to respond to market conditions.

To respond to this requirement, Opencell provides marketing teams configure, provision and deploy offers from a single, simplified interface.

Based on your role, you can create offers from templates, modify offer parameters, deactivate offers and set role-specific customer care management and self-service portal parameters.

Develop customized user-friendly web interfaces for your customer support and contract admin teams.

Our customer care portal provides a starter kit that can be used to develop role-appropriate user-friendly interfaces for customer service and contract administration personnel.

Based on workflow processes, our customer care portal can be used to create or validate customer offers via workflow, manage or validate creation of customer accounts via workflow and view summary account information (revenue, invoices in arrears etc.).

Help your clients take care of themselves.

Modern subscription businesses emphasize multi-channel service options. Customers expect to be able to access and modify their information anytime, anywhere.

To facilitate this process, Opencell provides a Wordpress-based self-service starter kit that can be used to create self-service portals where customers can directly change; upgrade or downgrade subscriptions, subscribe to new offers, check payment status etc.

Our portal is fully skinnable and can be adapted to provide a look & feel identical to the rest of the customer’s website.

An open platform.



XML Import




Pure open source.

Opencell is developped in Java EE. We recommend using Linux Debian or CentOS as an operating system.

Opencell runs on Redhat’s JBoss version 7.2 or J Boss EAP version 6.2 JBoss provides clustering and in-memory processing that are the basis of Opencell’s scalability and high performance.

Opencell is database agnostic. It is generally deployed using Postgres. In case of high volume, implementation on non-relational databases such as Mongo DB is possible. It can also be deployed on proprietary databases (SQL Server or Oracle).

We often work together with Telestax, the company that develops and deploys open source IP-based next generation solutions enabling web-based voice, video, messaging and IoT communications.

Java EE

Go for the cloud.

Opencell is a native multi-tenant web app that be installed on premise or on bare metal, IaaS or PaaS public or private clouds.

You can install Opencell in a few clicks on the Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud marketplaces.

You can use Juju Charms,  an open source, application and service modeling tool from Ubuntu to deploy, manage and scale your application in the cloud.

We’re also packaged into Docker containers allowing IT teams to move workloads across different cloud services, without locking them into using a specific infrastructure tooling.

Ubuntu Juju Charms
Oracle Cloud

Connect your marketing & sales teams.

Microsoft Dynamics
Ubuntu Juju Charms

We make it easy for you to connect with third-party applications and are committed to developing and maintaining connectors to the most popular applications and services used by our customers.

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce connectors make it possible to price quotes based on product catalog, manage orders, view invoices and analytics directly from the familiar interface of your favorite CRMs.

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