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Emmanuel Pierre
Product Manager
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Presented by
Ethan Beardsley
COO Opencell

The world of utilities is facing disruption spurred by a combination of deregulation and technology. The unbundling of the utility value chain between producers, transmission, distributors and resellers is increasing specialisation and competition and smart metering is providing a stream of rich data and consumer insights that force utilities to rethink past practices and business models.

To meet the challenges of this new environment, utilities will require more agile systems that will allow them to sell and bundle an increasing number of products and services and will provide them with the capability to quickly iterate on offers and pricing in order to maintain and increase customer lifetime value.

During this one-hour webinar, we’ll talk about the software challenges that this new environment poses for utilities and present a use case showing how Opencell can be implemented for mediation, catalog management, billing and customer care of an agile multi-energy producer using a smart metering system.

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