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Opencell provided the flexibility we needed to adapt the product billing features to the complex and evolving needs of a marketplace for Devices, Applications and Connectivity, and the related settlement requirements.
We intend to integrate it completely in our IaaS cloud to manage the complex financial flows matrix of ThingPark marketplace, and also make it available to our network operator partners for their own IoT billing & settlement needs.

Olivier Hersant
CTO & Cofounder

The business
Actility is a leader in the LoRaWan IoT protocol, an open radio standard for connecting sensors and devices over a long range with a long battery life. It has launched its ThingPark network in partnership with customers and partners around the world. In order to drive usage and adoption, it has also launched a ThingPark marketplace that sells approved sensors and devices that can connect easily to the ThingPark network.

The challenge
Actility required an automated solution for managing the complex marketplace billing and settlement flows that could be fully integrated into the ThingPark marketplace. Actility also wanted to be able to rollout the solution to its partners for their own billing and settlement needs.

What we provide
  • Management of product/service bundles
  • Implementation of custom mediation
  • Marketplace billing and automated settlement based on complex financial flows
  • Multi-country sales tax, VAT and GST management
  • Cash applications and receivables management
  • Integration with ERP (Netsuite)

  • Time-to-market of less than four month
  • Automated end-to-end billing solution without need for specific custom development
  • Ability to roll-out system to white label marketplace partners
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