Opencell provided a flexible billing solution that was able to respond to our complex multi-party billing and commissioning needs. Training took place in less than a week and our team was able to manage the implementation project internally.
We now have the ability to scale our business and quickly create new offers. Our cash-flow has improved since we’re now able to bill on a monthly instead of quarterly basis. We’ve also improved our revenue assurance and been able to reallocate the FTE saved on billing tasks to new more value-added tasks.

Eric Le Bihan

The business
France’s leading telemedecine provider based in France, operates a network and marketplace that includes more than 300 hospitals and 2000 physicians in a variety of specialties including radiology, neurology and pediatrics. Specialists provide remote diagnostics based on high-resolution medical images delivered over Etiam’s network.

The challenge
Etiam did not have an automated solution for managing its complex marketplace billing and settlement operations with hospitals and physicians part of its network. The company was struggling to invoice promptly and accurately its hospitals and to make settlement to third-party physicians. Increasing volume required implementation of an automated billing and settlement process in order to be able to maintain competitive pricing.

What we provide
  • Implementation of custom mediation
  • Modelization of existing services and price plans
  • Complete automatization of the invoicing and payment process for service and terminal rentals to hospitals and radiologists
  • Production of settlement reports for radiologists and hospitals
  • Integration with ERP (Sage)

  • Time-to-market of less than four months
  • Shift from a monthly to a quarterly bill cycle
  • Reduction in revenue leakage
  • Headcount savings of one FTE
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