Customer support: The new key success factors

Quickly implement actionable steps to retain your customers

Published Date: 14 Mar 2022
By: Maria Pauchet

Customer support is a key service for business development. Today, it must adapt to the new expectations of demand (B2C and B2B) and exploit the many opportunities available through technology.

With the development of the subscription economy, demand is focused on usage rather than ownership. This has a particular impact on the supply and pricing of companies: how to offer the most suitable offer and price for the use of a good or service by each customer? Technology today offers the possibility of adopting usage-based pricing and personalized offers.

Immediate Refund and Instant Offer Change

To fully satisfy demand, support must provide two services to their customers: immediate refund and instant offer change.

Immediate Refund

Immediate refund limits the doubts that buyers may have when analyzing an offer. By highlighting this service, you add a commercial argument to your value proposition and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Indeed, buyers are increasingly accustomed to sales pages that multiply calls to action, social proof, features, etc. These elements are certainly essential, but they are not enough to increase the conversion rate of your prospects while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Immediate Refund

  • Reduces friction and doubts during purchase.
  • Shows buyers that you have confidence in your value proposition.
  • Reduces the risk for buyers to test your offer.

Improves customer satisfaction:

  • Customers are satisfied to receive their refund directly.
  • Reduces waiting times.
  • Customers knew in advance that they could cancel their purchase and be refunded.

Instant Offer Change

Customers today want to consume according to their usage. This means that they can change their offer frequently.

Benefits of Instant Offer Change:

  • Offers must be clearly presented.
  • The information requested from customers must be relevant.
  • The change of offer must be instantaneous.

Improves customer satisfaction:

  • Respects and reduces delays.
  • Empowers customers to choose the offer that best suits their needs.

Remember, respect and reducing delays are among the most important criteria for customer satisfaction. By making it easy for your customers to change their offers, and by allowing them to do so instantly, you are putting all the odds in your favor to improve their satisfaction.

In conclusion, immediate refunds and instant offer changes are now two key factors for the success of 5-star customer support. Implementing these two services also constitutes a major competitive advantage.

Exceptional customer service requires that support respond quickly and efficiently to customer requests for offer changes. Opencell is an agile monetization solution that allows you to manage the entire cycle of your recurring customers on a single platform. We offer you the possibility to configure your workflows for immediate refunds or offer changes, in order to efficiently manage customer contract updates. This gives you the best chance of improving customer satisfaction and building a competitive advantage.