Powerful and scalable.

We use the latest open source technologies.

Our platform


With billions of connected users and objects, usage-based services face massive scalability and reliability challenges that our enterprise-grade architecture has the capacity to handle.

Multi-cloud deployment

Opencell is “cloud-ready” and can be instantly deployed in a private or a public Cloud using Docker containers orchestrated by Kubernetes. You can also chose to run Opencell on virtual machines for on-premises deployment or in a managed hosting environment

Scalability and high availability

Clustering allows Opencell to run on several parallel servers providing load balancing and high availability of the service. It also makes it easy to improve performance by simply adding more nodes to the cluster.

Monitoring and alerting

Our microservices architecture based on Spark can achieve horizontal scalability to efficiently process large-scale of usage records. With a simple 3-node cluster, we can currently process up to 3 000 usage records per second.

Performance efficiency

Built-in monitoring and alerting tools detect system errors as well as component status and performance. All relevant events are logged and accessible on our portal.

Our toolbox
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Our core technologies

Open source and open standards

Opencell is an open source platform that allows you to take advantage of open standards without the cost and inconvenience of vendor lock-in.
Using Wildfly Stack to run our J2EE core system
Supporting OpenID, SAML, LDAP and oAuth2 using Keycloak
Boosting search and log analysis with Elastic Stack
Elastic Search
Improving User eXperience using React and Bootstrap