#Disrupt 2023

An edition marked by optimism

Published Date: 1 Jun 2023
By: Aysha Abbas

On June 8th, Opencell hosted its annual #Disrupt event. The evening was a mix of art, technology, and philosophy, and it was designed to inspire you, here’s a recap of what happened :

The first speaker was Yacine AIT KACI, Artistic Director of the GROUP ELYX. He shared his vision of the Metaverse and its impact on the real world. In 2011, AIT KACI created ELIX, a non-verbal virtual character who became the first digital ambassador for the United Nations in 2015.

Through his work on sustainable development, ELIX demonstrates that the virtual world can have a real impact on our reality. AIT KACI emphasized the importance of a universal and inclusive language.


The next speaker was Philippe GABILLIET, Professor at ESCP Business School and spokesperson for the Ligue des Optimistes de France. His talk focused on optimism and its disruptive potential.

GABILLIET’s intervention was full of humor and goodwill, and it challenged attendees to rethink their definition of optimism. He argued that optimism is not about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses; it is about having confidence in one’s ability to find solutions to problems.


The final speaker was Amsted, a street artist known for her abstract murals with organic patterns. She spoke about her artistic journey and her work as an art therapist.

Amsted previously worked as a nurse’s aide in a psychiatric setting. She quickly realized the importance of art in helping patients manage their anxiety. In 2019, she trained as an art therapist. Art therapy is an alternative approach to expressing emotions through creativity.

Amsted also gave a live performance. This added a visual and immersive dimension to the evening.


The evening ended with a networking reception, where attendees could connect with each other and share ideas.

We hope to see you at next year’s #Disrupt !