Opencell 16

New automation features and enhanced performance

Published Date: 8 Jun 2024
By: Emmanuel Pierre

Opencell is a “quote-to-cash” solution that simplifies and efficiently manages high volumes and complex subscription and usage-based business models. It combines an intuitive interface with powerful features and great flexibility.

Save time and better control your billing cycle

Opencell 16 introduces important new features that facilitate billing automation, including:

  • Improved event management and rating process
  • Mass re-rate capability following price changes
  • Aggregated view of elements to facilitate invoice presentation
  • Automated billing of items controlled by business rules to minimize manual checks
  • Mass processing of credit notes in case of invoicing errors

With Opencell 16, everything becomes controllable and automatable. All daily and exceptional processes can be fully managed through our user portal.

Stress-free e-invoicing

This new version brings Opencell in line with the latest e-invoicing regulations, introducing a new standardized XML format based on the UBL standard, enabling interconnection with government and partner invoicing portals. 

Performance improvements

This new version also includes major technical improvements, enhancing and optimizing the processing of volumes exceeding 500 million events per month under a standard SaaS contract.

Comprehensive solution documentation for our clients and partners is available here.