Opencell version 9

Exciting new improvements with Opencell version 9

Published Date: 30 Apr 2020
By: Stéphane Chambrin

Opencell version 9 that is now stable and ready for production with the release of version 9.3 in April 2020.

9.3 release note summary

Significant new features for Entreprise Edition customers include:

  • New generic API, providing simplified and unique entry point to all ressources
  • Payment connectors to Stripe and Paypal.

We’ve also continued to improve our core open source engine:

  • Significant performance improvement for our entire mediation, rating and invoicing chain
  • Easier tax management for businesses operating in international environments.
  • Technical enhancements including upgrade to Java 11, Wildfly 8, Keycloak 7 and Postgres 7
  • JAR overlay making it easy to extend Opencell capabilities without touching the core code

If you want to get the details, download our release note:

More to come

You can expect lots more exciting updates in our upcoming 9.X releases including:

  • Introduction of Flexible Portal technology and a complete change of our current interfaces
  • Updates to our Salesforce connector (now listed on AppExchange)
  • New, improved multi-tenant capabilities
  • Pre-mediation/market communications for French energy market

Stay tuned!