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Opencell is perfectly adapted to our requirement and will enable to avoid the growing pains we’ve experienced as we continue to scale our business.
The core mediation and billing engine can manage the complex zoning and tiering of our price plans and will greatly improve the productivity of our contract admin and billing team.

Frédéric Durand

The business
Diabolocom is a cloud-based Customer Interaction Management platform.

The challenge
The company was finding it difficult to test/iterate new offers and needed to standardize and automatize its billing process in order to be able to deal with its rapid growth.

What we provide
  • Implementation of custom mediation and automated billing
  • Customized invoice templates including detailed usage
  • Cash applications, AR and dunning
  • Integration with ERP

  • Time-to-market of less than one month
  • Bill cycle reduced to less than one day
  • Cost reduction equivalent to one full-time equivalent
  • Ability to roll-out same system to white label marketplace partners
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