Published Date: 1 Jan 2024
By: Aysha Abbas

Benefit from efficient management of your billing processes with Opencell 15.

Simplified e-invoicing:

Opencell 15, facilitates your compliance with e-invoicing regulations by supporting the most common formats. This solution also offers the possibility of generating multilingual electronic invoices, thus combining regulatory compliance with international accessibility of financial documents.

Optimized catalog and pricing management:

Opencell 15 makes it easy to create and manage your product catalogs and price lists, for better visibility of your offers. Now, your teams can set multiple pricing types based on your customers, providing flexibility in pricing your products and services. This approach allows you to dynamically adjust prices based on specific criteria that you can set according to your needs.

Optimized Performance:

Beyond the functional improvements, Opencell 15 stands out with a noticeable performance improvement. This release provides you with a smoother and more responsive experience, helping to manage your operations more efficiently.

In short:

A remarkably beefed-up version, which gives you a set of significant benefits. From easy compliance with e-invoicing regulations to simplified management of catalogs and price lists, to optimized performance.