Published Date: 12 May 2020
By: Stéphane Chambrin

This webinar provides an update to Opencell version 9.3 that was released in April 2020.

You will learn about new functionalities/technical improvements, including:

  • Updates to our Salesforce connector (now listed on AppExchange)
  • New generic API, providing a simplified and unique entry access point to all resources.
  • Payment connectors to Stripe and PayPal and improvements to our SEPA connector.
  • New tax mapping that makes it easier to handle complex scenarios.
  • Various improvements to our core rating and billing engines.
  • Upgrade to our technical stack and significant performance improvements.
  • Easier extensions and segregation of code through JAR overlays.

We also give you a preview of some exciting new upcoming developments:

  • Pre-mediation for French energy market (Summer 2020)
  • Introduction of secured APIs (May 2020)
  • New multi-tenant capabilities (Summer 2020)
  • New documentation portal (Summer 2020)

Here are some additional resources from our webinar that you might find useful: