Subscription success

New Opencell features make it easier to connect with your customer and build your recurring revenue business.

Published Date: 24 Apr 2019
By: Ethan

When we started Opencell, we were convinced that recurring businesses needed a subscription management platform that was easy to configure and simple to set up. We wanted to provide a solution that could go live quickly and make it easy to iterate, but that could still handle complex use cases and heavy usage volume.

The latest version of Opencell that will be released mid-November is a huge step forward in making this vision come true

Our marketing manager portal now makes it possible for marketing teams to manage product and service catalogs and bundles by manipulating only your key business drivers. You can now instantly change offer prices and manage availability dates with differentiated channels and segments, without waiting weeks for IT to process your change request.

Marketing Manager

Our selfcare portal provides an out-of-the box, responsive UI that you can plug into your applications and or website. It provides guest and identified user management, a full register and shop process and the ability to manage/upgrade/downgrade offers and services. Your customers can consult and pay their bills online, track their usage and follow their order or service activation.


Our customer care portal lets your sales administration manage customer hierarchies, accounts, and subscriptions through an intuitive interface.


These major new functionalities provide everything you need to start growing your recurring business “out of the box” with an accelerated time-to-market. They can also be easily coupled with our Dynamics CRM or Salesforce connectors to let your sales team access a catalog, create quotes, set up new customers and view accounts and invoices without leaving their familiar day-to-day work environment.

Additional exciting features included in the latest release include:

  • Workflow management: you can now configure workflow management on every entity and integrate status change with an external BPM suite
  • Physical product management: you can now bundle product with service. This functionality will give you great flexibility in implementing almost any kind of IoT scenario.

From a technical standpoint, we have also added:

  • Elastic search and quote API to our best-in-class list of 400+ APIs
  • Clustering support for MariaDB SQL databases

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